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NFL update July 14: Chiefs and Bills honored at ESPYs

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Kansas City and Buffalo honored at ESPYs

This week was held the annual event of the ESPYs on the side of Los Angeles. An evening organized in particular by ESPN to reward athletes of all kinds. And as often the NFL had its share of winners. After an introductory speech by Pat McAfee, Kansas City was particularly honored. The Chiefs, defending champions, won the prize of “best team of the year” ahead of the Denver Nuggets (NBA) or the Vegas Golden Knights (NHL). In the process, the prestigious Award of “Best Male Athlete of the Year” was given to Patrick Mahomes who wins ahead of Nikola Jokic or Lionel Messi.

Finally, the Missouri franchise was not the only one honored since the Bills also received their ESPY. It’s about “Pat Tillman Award for Service” which rewards a good deed carried out during the year. An award that was given to the Buffalo staff who had reacted perfectly when Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest last January during a match against the Bengals and who had saved his life. As a symbol, it was the defender himself, overwhelmed by emotion, who announced the winners of this prize on stage.

Josh Jacobs won’t train without a new contract

Like Saquon Barkley at the Giants, Josh Jacobs wants to sign a contract extension with the Raiders rather than sign the franchise tag, and he’s making it known. The running back told Fox5 News Las Vegas that he won’t show up for training camp if he doesn’t sign a new contract by next Monday at 10 p.m.

Author of an excellent season, Jacobs certainly hopes to sign an XXL extension after being selected in the first team All-Pro. While there’s no indication the two sides are close to a long-term deal, an ultimatum like the runner’s posed could prompt the Raiders to inflate their offer.

Patrick Mahomes praises Kadarius Toney

Arrived at the Chiefs during the season from the Giants, Kadarius Toney took time to adapt to his new colors, but he seemed more and more comfortable at the end of the season, in particular with a touchdown during of the Super Bowl. Asked by the Associated Press, his quarterback Patrick Mahomes is convinced that the best is yet to come for the receiver.

“He is very talented and he works hard. Obviously we will try to keep him healthy and on the pitch as much as possible, because when he is on the pitch he makes the difference. I think you all saw him when he was with us last year and at the Super Bowl, in particular. […] He’s one of those guys who, if you can just put the ball in his hands, he’s a game-changer. So I’m thrilled that he’s having a full season, not just with me, but with Coach Reid, and with Travis and where he can learn how we do things. And I think it has no limits. He may be one of the best receivers in this league. »

Praise that should please the main interested party, who could well become a target of choice for the best quarterback in the league.


– Hampered by injuries in 2022, De’Vondre Campbell (LB, Packers) said on Twitter that he finally felt 100% capable for the upcoming season.

– If he’s training aside for now, Brock Purdy’s rehab (QB, 49ers) would go wonderfully. According to information from NBC Sports, Mr. Irrelevant 2022 would even have a good chance of being ready for the first game of the 2023 season.

In short

– The legal troubles of Jalen Carter (DT, Eagles) are not finished. Victoria Bowles, a former Georgia staff member and survivor of the crash that killed two people and in which Carter was involved, filed a complaint against the player for failing to assist a person in danger. Indeed, Carter would have fled the scene of the crash so as not to be involved in the accident instead of coming to the aid of the victims, which constitutes an offense, being partly responsible for the accident, according to the complainant. (ESPN)

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