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  • After the Euroleague title, Kendrick Nunn would not be against staying at Panathinaikos

    Successful bet for Kendrick Nunn. His NBA career had been slipping for two seasons, mainly due to injuries, and the guard had decided to leave for Europe and Panathinaikos. A year later, he is European champion after winning the Euroleague.…

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  • The Clippers interested in Kyle Lowry and… Chris Paul?

    The arms race is only just beginning in the NBA, and more particularly in the West where Clippers will have to manage some thorny issues (Paul George and James Harden, but also Russell Westbrook). Precisely, as the Harden/Westbrook pair could…

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  • For Rudy Gobert, Anthony Edwards is in the same situation as Dwyane Wade

    After eliminating the Nuggets, Anthony Edwards talked a lot and laughed a lot. That’s his character, and that’s what’s attractive about him. The Wolves full-back is the first to admit when he is wrong and when he is bad, but…

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  • Paul George is the priority… but not the Sixers’ only option

    As of now, there is only one player fully under contract with the Sixers for next season: Joel Embiid. Having reached the end of his rookie lease, Tyrese Maxey will obviously be extended, while the contracts of Paul Reed and…

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  • Terry Stotts interests the Cavaliers

    A few days after the dismissal of JB Bickerstaff, the “short list” of Cavaliers leaders begins to grow. In addition to James Borrego and Kenny Atkinson, management reportedly has its sights set on Johnnie Bryant, Tom Thibodeau's right-hand man, and…

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  • The LeBron 21 on red alert

    The “James Gang” line is back! LeBron James and Nike had taken care to present a colorway with this name until the LeBron 18 before putting the idea on hold for the last two years. It was therefore necessary to…

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