• Charlotte, a new motivating challenge for Josh Green

    In the shadow of the trade that sent Klay Thompson to Dallas about ten days ago, Josh Green has for his part headed to Charlotte, where he will begin a new chapter in his career. After four seasons in the…

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  • Chris Paul Acquisition? 'Fabulous' According to Gregg Popovich

    On the ESPN setMark Jones points out that a year ago, Gregg Popovich was lamenting the subject a bit: ” Spurs didn't have many players capable of sending lobbed passes to Victor Wembanyama. » With the arrival of Chris Paul…

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  • MarJon Beauchamp still has holiday homework

    “Am I supposed to be here? No. But this is an opportunity to play, to show the coach what I can do. I have to go out there and be a force to be reckoned with.” In one question and…

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  • Anthony Edwards is unanimous among superstars

    With 13 points as 6th man, Anthony Edwards finished as Team USA's top scorer in the win over Canada. A superstar in the making, considered by some to be the future face of the NBA, the Wolves guard is the…

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  • Masai Ujiri Still Waiting for Sasha Vezenkov

    “I think this should evolve in the coming days.” Raptors president Masai Ujiri had slipped a first timetable concerning Sasha Vezenkov during the week. But we must also quote the second part of the sentence: “but we will see if…

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  • Jazz rookies overshadow Melvin Ajinça's debut

    With its various choices in the 2024 Draft, the Jazz believe they have achieved the ideal harvest, and tonight, the three rookies shone in the hard-fought victory (90-89) against the Mavericks. While Melvin Ajinça ​​signed 13 points and 5 rebounds…

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