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  • Blue Jays: Is there enough depth in the outfield?

    A few days ago, I noted that at the next Blue Jays camp, unless there is an injury or a movement of personnel, there will only be one place in play. We hope that Otto Lopez can fight for his…

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  • Zack Britton would be in the crosshairs of the Angels

    In recent weeks, we have often heard rumors that linked Zack Britton to the New York Mets. After all, the reliever knows Buck Showalter, the club’s manager, well from their time with the Orioles. But he is not the only…

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  • Chiefs – Bengals (23-20): Even on one leg, Patrick Mahomes wins

    Kansas City Chiefs (1) – Cincinnati Bengals (3): 23-20 At the end of the suspense. The match opposed two teams who knew how to produce big offensive actions, and particularly in the air, but it was above all the defenses…

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  • Errors on the Cy Young trophy

    Mistakes, everyone makes them. Fortunately, in most cases, we can laugh about it. And this is the case with the trophies that the winners of 2022 received yesterday. Unfortunately, the Cy Young trophies presented to pitchers Justin Verlander and Sandy…

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  • Eagles – 49ers (31-7): Brock Purdy hit, San Francisco sunk

    Philadelphia Eagles (1) – San Francisco 49ers (2): 31-7 Deprived of their titular quarterback from the start of the match, and of his replacement on returning from the locker room, the 49ers could not do better than figuration in a…

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  • Fernando Tatis Jr. is in good spirits

    The San Diego Padres will be counting on the return of Fernando Tatis Jr. in April 2023. The shortstop player (who presumably lost his shortstop position) will, however, have to regain the trust of the people in San Diego. It…

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