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Browns: knee injury and season over for Nick Chubb

The images left little room for doubt: Nick Chubb’s knee injury is serious.

After the Browns lost against the Steelers, Kevin Stefansky confirmed that his star runner’s season is over. The details of the injury are not yet known, but it is serious enough for the coach to leave no room for doubt about Nick Chubb’s immediate future.

NFL Media reports that several ligaments are torn. An MRI should confirm the diagnosis in the coming hours.

Nick Chubb, vital Browns player

It was on a collision with Minkah Fitzpatrick that Chubb’s left knee gave way. The runner immediately writhed in pain before being evacuated on a stretcher.

Fair play, Steelers fans chanted their opponent’s name as he was taken off the field.

For Chubb, it’s a bad memory that resurfaces. He had previously torn three ligaments in his left knee while in college. Since then, he has recovered well, and established himself as one of the star players in Cleveland’s attack. Over the past four seasons, he has always gained more than 1,000 yards. Last year, he even increased his score to 1,525 yards and 12 touchdowns!

The hole left is therefore immense. Jerome Ford took over well Monday night, gaining 106 yards, but it will be difficult to forget a player of Chubb’s caliber.

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