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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Robinson Cano to play in Dominican Republic | The Astros shuffle their cards

Robinson Cano will play in the Dominican Republic

He will wear the Estrellas Orientales uniform this winter.

Will Gleyber Torres stay with the Yankees?

One of the big decisions that Brian Cashman will have to make this winter.

This is one of the many questions that the team’s GM will have to seek to answer.

Here is all of the work that must be done by the teams that missed the playoffs this season, according to Jim Bowden.

Orion Kerkering, playoff MVP?

His slippery ball is one of the most destructive pitches yet.

The Astros shuffle their cards

Team announces firing of assistant general manager and director of player development – ​​midway through playoffs.

Marlins Man, Marlins superfan

However, he missed a rare playoff game for his favorite team this season.

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