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MLB in brief: James Click linked to the White Sox | Two numbers retired in New York

James Click linked to the White Sox

The leader of the Blue Jays (he is VP and therefore helps Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins) could take over baseball operations in Chicago.

Alek Manoah is now back in the AAA

We will know more about the next steps shortly.

Two numbers retired in New York

Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry will be honored next season.

Mookie Betts loves August

He’s been hitting .442 since Aug. 1.

Among the pitchers, Blake Snell is doing well these days.

John Angelos doesn’t make anyone cry

The misery of the rich owner of the Orioles, who expects to have difficulty paying his stars, is not a pleasure to hear.

Changes that aren’t so naughty

The Blue Jays have less power this year (everyone knows that), but the club has a bigger total intake of new kids versus guys who left.

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