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The A’s unveil a model of their stadium in Las Vegas

As you know, the A’s stadium file takes up a lot of space in major league baseball. A’s are currently a problem on the field and in the office.

A move to Vegas isn’t official, but it’s imminent. That’s the club’s plan and Rob Manfred has confirmed that a vote to that effect will surely take place next month.

Recently, there seems to have been an agreement to build a stadium in Vegas. The initial plan included public funding of $500 million for the construction of the stadium.

We would now be talking about $395 million.

But no matter the amount, the train seems to be on to see the A’s play Vegas in a brand new stadium starting in 2027.

And now models have been unveiled on this subject.

As you can see, the stadium would be very nice and it wouldn’t be the biggest one. We would be talking about about 30,000 spaces south of the strip.

We also notice that there is a partial roof which is retractable.

I don’t know why it’s partial since the heat of Vegas won’t be any less if the stadium isn’t totally covered, but hey.

What do you think?

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