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Wandy Peralta: a four-year contract with three exit options

For three years, Wandy Peralta has been an excellent reliever for the Yankees. The Dominican left-hander manages to be very useful in a relief bullpen.

From some months forever he was a free agent. We wondered if he was going to return to the Yankees or not, but it ultimately seems that no, he will not return to New York.

In fact, the reliever signed a four-year contract, valued at $16.5 million in total, with the San Diego Padres.

But as Ken Rosenthal reports, we are talking about a contract that includes three exit options. We guess that they are after the first, second and third years of the agreement.

We agree that for a reliever, it is still something to see such a contract. After all, Peralta is good… but to this extent?

I have the feeling that the market was not in his favor and that he chose such an offer to guarantee himself a good amount if he does not perform, but keeping the door open to hitting the jackpot later .

And when I say later, I mean in one, two, three or four years. Unless his release option is for next week?

Only the Padres were the ones to offer such an agreement. They have a reliever at a good price, but with a huge risk every year.

Why do I say only they could offer such a contract structure to a guy who isn't a star? Because the club lost some big arms via pitchers who left this winter.

They therefore have patched a bit this winter.

I think San Diego didn't have a lot of wiggle room in the market and it goes something like this.

Let's see how the Padres pitchers respond in 2024.

Charles-Alexis Brisebois

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