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MLB in brief: Operation Tommy John for Bryce Harper | Kodai Senga generates interest

Operation Tommy John for Bryce Harper

He could start playing again as a DH mid-season and as an outfielder at the end of the campaign.

Addison Barger joins 40-man Blue Jays roster

He will take advantage of the winter to make the necessary adjustments to his game.

Red Sox want to re-sign Xander Bogaerts

It remains to be seen if they will be able to afford it.

They also added an important player to their enclosure: Joely Rodriguez.

Kodai Senga generates interest

More and more teams are inquiring to get their hands on the star pitcher.

Besides, could he form a good tandem with Jacob deGrom in New York?

Mike Maddux will pilot the pitchers for the Rangers

The team also adds Dayton Moore to baseball operations.

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