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Brian Cashman will have to win in 2022

This season promises to be quite hot for the New York Yankees honcho.

Brian Cashman has been with the team since 1986 and has held the position of general manager since 1998. Under his leadership, the team has had many successes, but has been without a title since 2009, an eternity for an eternity. team with the same financial means.

Despite a glorious past and a remarkable longevity in a position that brings its share of daily pressure, Cashman remains stoic and tries by all means to keep the Yankees at the top of their reputation, year after year.

Precisely, the reputation does not bring food and the supporters of the team have the impression of living on hope for too long already. In 2022, the Yankees must win in order to see Cashman’s journey continue in the Bronx for a few more years.

Evolving within a division that wants to be always more competitive because of the performance of the Blue Jays, Rays and Red Sox, the Yankees leader’s room for maneuver has narrowed over the years.

The team may have the money to allow themselves to field ever richer players, the results are not always there and it could be that the 2022 season will be the last for Brian Cashman in his current role.

Don’t worry about him, as he is already assured that he will retire within the organization, but perhaps in a more subdued role if it were decided to hand over the reins of the team to someone else as soon as 2023.

Cashman is completing the fifth year of a pact valued at $25 million. The 54-year-old has already been there and he knows tobacco.

Before lockouthe was juggling several hot issues, including resolving the shortstop position once and for all, the possibility of transferring Gary Sanchez to first base, continuing and concluding contract discussions with Aaron Judge and questioning the difficult end of Gerrit Cole’s season.

Whoever is in charge of top-down baseball operations is not short of solutions, but let’s just say time is against him, as the legitimacy of his actions will expire very soon.

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