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Tom Brady: “I’m sure I won’t play again. »

From the moment he announced for the second time that he was quitting, rumors of a potential return began to flourish. This time it’s TMZ Sports’ turn to kick off a fresh wave of speculation that Tom Brady will become an owner and player for the Raiders.

Tom Brady prefers to cut rumors short

Interviewed by Robin Lundberg of IF Nowthe former Buccaneers quarterback was annoyed.

“I’m sure I won’t play again. I tried to be as clear as possible and I hate having to repeat it because I’ve said it many times before. I am looking to my future job as a consultant for FOX next year. I’m also focused on the opportunity to own the Raiders and it’s taking its course along with other things in my professional and personal life.”

A situation conducive to rumors on the side of the Raiders

With recent revelations about Jimmy Garoppolo’s suspended contract, rumors of his return have grown. Technically owner-player it is possible. For this, in addition to the first agreement to become an owner, a second would be necessary to have the right to be an owner and player.

Each of the agreements should be validated by 75% of the owners of the league. Still according to TMZ, the latter would not oppose it. Except that obviously, Brady does not want to put on the crampons.

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