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Eagles – Cowboys (28-23): Jalen Hurts wins a thrilling match

Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) – Dallas Cowboys (5-3): 28-23

Football is a sport of details, and of centimeters (or yards). Dallas had the opportunity to win this match, but Ceedee Lamb (191 yards), yet the hero of the evening, stranded just 2 yards from the endzone. In a thrilling match, Jalen Hurts’ Eagles (17/23, 207 yards, 36 yards rushing, 3 TDs) were able to capitalize on a fiery third quarter to win.

The Cowboys can blame themselves, having seen a touchdown from Luke Schoonmaker canceled for a yard, and a two-point conversion canceled for a kick from Dak Prescott (29/44, 374 yards, 3 TD) outside. The latter had a huge match, and without some terrible drops from these receivers could have left as a hero. Micah Parsons (1.5 sacks) played his role as defensive leader, without success.

The Eagles’ defense suffered terribly, but the defensive line found energy in the decisive drive, with Brandon Graham (1.5 sacks) decisive at the best moment. It’s a collective victory for Philadelphia, as each player contributed without any one standing out.

With this victory, Philadelphia is more than ever in the race for the first place in the conference, while the Cowboys fall behind in the division.

An offensive start

From the Eagles’ first offensive drive, Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown (66 yards, 1 TD) took care of moving the team forward. Kenneth Gainwell (23 yards, 1 TD) finishes on the ground for the opening score (7-0). But Dallas wakes up quickly.

Ceedee Lamb puts Eli Ricks through an ordeal, and Dak Prescott extends each action with his legs. Also well helped by a hard-hitting Jake Ferguson (91 yards, 1 TD), who equalized (7-7). Dallas does not stop, with a second touchdown in stride, by KaVontae Turpin (7-14).

Philadelphia does not give up, and returns to the fight. Andre Swift and Devonta Smith (51 yards, 1 TD) in the lead, with a “tush push” to conclude the drive (14-14). This match is an offensive orgy in this first act. Dallas took advantage of the end of the half to take a small lead, after a field goal following a new advance from the Prescott-Lamb duo (14-17).

The Eagles and Jalen Hurts with forceps

Returning from the locker room, Philadelphia continues to maintain the offensive spirit of the match. Jalen Hurts finds Devonta Smith on a long reception, and the receiver keeps both feet in the endzone (21-17).

The novelty of the second act is the indiscipline of the Cowboys. Authors of too many errors in attack and defense, Dallas quickly paid the bill with an aborted attack then a new touchdown from the Eagles, by AJ Brown (28-17). Philadelphia alternates between running and passing, mobilizing all the playmakers, from D’Andre Swift (74 yards) to Dallas Goedert (50 yards).

With his back against the wall, Dallas nevertheless continues to hang on. At the edge of the end zone, Dallas came up against the Eagles defense four times before finally leaving empty-handed. Luke Schoonmaker fails a few centimeters from the promised land on fourth attempt.

However, Dallas does not give up, and goes back on attack in the wake of the incredible Ceedee Lamb. It’s Jalen Tolbert that Dak Prescott finally finds in the endzone. The Cowboys will miss the 2-point conversion, remaining 5 points apart (28-23).

However, they will have a chance, with 46 seconds and 86 yards to go. This is when the Eagles defense will string together 3 fouls to put Dallas within shooting range. Without consequence in the end, since Sydney Brown causes Ceedee Lamb’s fumble, which fails 2 yards from the end zone.

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