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Rashee Rice (Chiefs) wanted following road accident

Two cars racing, then losing control, causing an accident. It was Saturday in Dallas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, police would like to know Rashee Rice's version of what happened. Because a vehicle that would be registered or rented in the name of the Chiefs receiver would be involved in the race that caused the pileup.

More precisely, it was a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamboghini that were speeding in the race.

And the occupants of these two vehicles courageously fled.

Behind them, they left four lightly injured, two of whom had to be taken to hospital. Six vehicles were damaged in total.

“The occupants of the Lamboghini and Corvette all fled the scene without stopping to see if anyone needed medical help and without providing any information about themselves,” Dallas police said.


Rashee Rice hired a lawyer

At this time, it is unknown whether Rice himself was behind the wheel or present at the scene. CBS reports that he has retained the services of a lawyer and that a press release should be released in the coming hours.

The Chiefs receiver is originally from Texas and completed his university studies in Dallas. So he knows the place very well.

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