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NFL S16 predictions: Dolphins and Ravens as underdogs

The biggest forces in the NFL are obviously in the NFC. The 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys are all favorites this week.

San Francisco, however, faces the Ravens, leaders of the AFC conference. And the Cowboys face Miami, another big name from the opposing conference. But nothing works. It’s up to Lamar Jackson and Tua Tagovailoa to prove the prognosticators wrong.

Don't forget, all these matches are spread over the weekend!

In the ranking of NFL predictions for the 2023 season, Victor Roullier (147 pts) and Lucas Vola (146 pts) continue to follow each other. Alain Mattei (144) and Raphaël Masmejean (141) remain in ambush before the playoffs. Gregory Richard (134) and Raoul Villeroy (133) are interspersed.

NFL predictions for Week 16 by the Podcast team

NFL Predictions Week 16

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