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Broncos – Jets (9-16): the rookies save (again) New York

Denver Broncos (2-5) – New York Jets (5-2): 9-16

For several weeks, we have felt a huge progression of the New York franchise. A revival symbolized by this class of rookie and in particular the players selected at the top of this draft: Breece Hall and Sauce Gardner. Once again this Sunday, the running back and corner kicked themselves into the spotlight with decisive action. The first marks the only Jets touchdown of the game on a run of 62 yards, while the second defends perfectly on a 4th attempt 2 minutes from the end which could have put Denver in front definitively.

Two class actions therefore at the heart of a padlocked match. Beyond their two rookies, Robert Saleh’s men were the strongest against Brett Rypien (24/46, 225 yards and 1 TD). Admittedly, the attack of Zach Wilson (16/26 and 121 yards) did not impress much, but the Jets know how to win otherwise and they showed it.

Breece Hall, scorer then injured

As we imagined, the start of the match was calm. Very calm. And with more punts (4) than first downs (1) on the first four possessions, we tell ourselves that the match will be long. Very long. A cannon shot will however wake up the spectators and viewers. As it is becoming a habit, the runner, Breece Hall will unblock the situation. A 62-yard race full of intelligence and speed that allows him to reach the end zone for the first (and last) time in the game (7-0). Unfortunately, the running back will have to leave his partners a little later in the game, hit in the knee.

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Upset by this touchdown, the Broncos also end up coming out of their torpor. In the process, the locals respond to their opponents. This time the drive is longer (13 games), but the result is the same: a touchdown. Latavius ​​Murray thinks to put everyone on par with this 2-yard race, but Brandon McManus will miss the Extra-Point. From then on, this match will become a kicking story.

Sauce Gardner clutch

In all, the Denver kicker will make a field goal but will mostly leave 4 points on the side of the road. Greg Zuerlein, his counterpart with the Jets, he does not miss the opportunity to create a gap and he succeeded in his three attempts (9-16). For the rest, it is above all the defenses that take pride of place. On one side as on the other, nothing is left to the adversary. Zach Wilson and Brett Rypien find no solutions. The Denver pitcher will even be intercepted following strong pressure from the Jets.

At the Jets no loss of ball, but a lot of penalty handkerchiefs which prevent them from undertaking things in this game. They will therefore be content to be solid until the last moments. Like Sauce Gardner. The cornerback will be crucial on a 4th attempt less than 3 minutes from the end. He managed to deflect a pass that sped directly into the arms of a Courtland Sutton already in the end zone. A clutch action for Gardner which allows the Jets to win.

New York is now on a four-game winning streak and is starting to put pressure on all of its divisional rivals. For Denver, on the other hand, the start of the season is still just as complicated.

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