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[Draft Sheets] Troy Fautanu (OT), small but powerful

Troy Fautanu – Offensive Tackle – 23 years old – RS Junior – Washington

Height: 1m93
Weight: 144 kg
Stats 2023: 15 matches, 2 sacks, 3 QB hits and 18 pressures conceded
Estimated draft position: mid-late 1st round
NFL Comparison: Rashawn Slater

Not necessarily expected so high at the start of the season, Troy Fautanu exceeded the hopes placed in him. Like his entire Washington team, he had a very solid season which took the Huskies to the NCAA final. For two seasons, Fautanu was the leader of a solid offensive line. If his departure will hurt Washington, the team that will get him is already rubbing its hands.

Strong points

  • Athletic qualities
  • Run block
  • Able to play multiple positions

If he is neither the tallest nor the heaviest lineman in this draft, Troy Fautanu remains a monster of nature. It is very impressive to see a man of this size move with such agility. Very lively during the snap, he wastes no time getting into position and is therefore not late, even against pass rushers with a quick first step. He also moves very well laterally, forcing defenders to take the time to beat him in technique more than speed.

Very lively, Fautanu is also very powerful. He has the famous “violent hands” which allow him to dominate an opponent in a racing situation. Once he gets his hands on a defender, he maintains control of the latter. In addition to dominating the defender with his hands, he can easily take him wherever he wants thanks to his natural power.

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Often, when there is doubt about a player's best position, it lowers his draft rating. Not in the case of Troy Fautanu. Almost exclusively a left tackle with Washington, his natural position seems to be more on the inside. But, like Peter Skoronski last year, the team that selects him will be able to use him where they need him most.

Weak points

  • Hand technique
  • Aggressiveness
  • Ceiling

Able to win easily in physical duels, Troy Fautanu can sometimes be beaten technically, particularly against the pass. He plays with a lot of energy, but his hand placement can put him out of position against very technical pass rushers.

What he lacks in technique, Fautanu makes up for in aggressiveness. While being aggressive may be a quality as an offensive lineman, using too much is a problem. Be careful not to get punished too much in the NFL, where referees are very attentive to excess commitment.

Finally, his age can also raise questions. At almost 24 years old, Troy Fautanu is older than most of his competitors. If his experience is a non-negligible quality, this could still be detrimental to him. Ready to play at a high level from day one, his ceiling seems lower than that of the other linemen. Can he still progress significantly?

Possible destinations

Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals

In a very deep draft class, with many players expected in the first round at this position, Troy Fautanu appears to have secured his spot in the first round. Behind the three most prominent of Alt, Fashanu and Fuaga, Fautanu will have many suitors, notably thanks to his versatility. The team that stands out the most lately seems to be the Seahawks. With Lucas and Cross on the outside, he could become an anchor inside the offensive line to protect Geno Smith and especially open up gaps for Kenneth Walker III. It could also allow him to stay at Washington State, where he played in college.

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