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Ben Roethlisberger: “We have no chance. So let’s have fun”

While we may not have expected them there, the Steelers will finally play the playoffs after beating the Ravens on Sunday night. They will therefore find the Chiefs on the night of Sunday to Monday. On paper, Pittsburgh starts from afar, an opinion shared by Ben Roethlisberger. The veteran quarterback confided in the official franchise website.

“We’re probably not supposed to be here. We’re probably not a very good football team,” Roethlisberger said wryly. “Of the 14 teams taking part, I think we’re probably at number 14.”

The Steelers haven’t won in the playoffs since 2016, and they’re up against a team that’s two Super Bowl appearances away and destroyed them a few weeks ago.

“We are probably underdogs and we will play the team that has won the AFC for the past two years. Arguably the best team in the league. We have no chance. So let’s go out, play and have fun. “

Each win in the playoffs will extend Big Ben’s career by one week. So, in addition to the thirst for victory, Roethlisberger is now looking to pass on his experience to his young teammates.

“You never really know if you’re going to have a chance to come back to the playoffs. When I tell them that, they look at me and say “you made the playoffs 12 times in 18 years”. I’m just trying to tell them again that you just have to enjoy the moment, you have to understand it. You have to go out there and commit everything to it fully, because every mistake is magnified. But you have to have fun at the same time, so I hope they all understand. I think it is. “

Their last playoff victory was against the Chiefs. If at the time Patrick Mahomes was not there, Ben Roethlisberger yes. And whatever he says, he will be on the court on Sunday to win.

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