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[Draft Sheets] Isaiah Spiller, the strong cog

An excellent soldier in the well-oiled Texas A&M system. Can he cross a threshold?

Isaiah SpillerRunning back – 20 years – JuniorTexas A&M

Cut : 1m85

Weight : 102 kg

Estimated draft position: 2nd round

Stats 2021 : 179 carries, 1,011 yards, 6 touchdowns, 189 yards and one receiving touchdown

NFL Comparison: Joe Mixon

Strong points

– Clever mix of speed and physics
– Vision and reading of blocks
– Contribution to the aerial game

Constancy and efficiency. While everything didn’t turn out offensively for Texas A&M in 2021, due to a quarterback change and massive offensive line turnover, Isaiah Spiller has been one of the Aggies’ few compasses throughout. of the season. The result is a third season in a row over 950 yards and a second in a row over 1,000. grab valuable yards, especially over short distances. However, it is in his science of the game and his mobility that he has continued to showcase himself. One of the major assets of the person concerned is first of all his reading of the blocks and the patience he has demonstrated in exploiting certain boulevards made available to him. Some will say that the zonal block scheme made his job easier, especially behind a colossus like Kenyon Green, expected to be one of the main guards in this class, but it is also thanks to the discipline and the ability to accelerate of the runner that many actions were decisive. The other aspect of his game, even more so in the modern NFL, is his ability to get out of the backfield. Spiller knows how to get overlooked and offer a quick fix to his out-of-pocket quarterback. For a running back, his hands are also quite reliable and his post-landing fluidity of movement has nothing to envy to others. Speaking of her agility, she can also be highlighted on the running game, with interesting support and mobility which allow her, in addition to her simple power, to break tackles and gain ground.

Weak points

– Not incisive enough

– Perfectible pro pass

Let it be said: among the running backs on the set, Spiller is one of those who can claim a role on three attempts. Would he still have to perfect his technique on the pro pass? If he has an undeniable football IQ and an ability to read the opposing pressure, his placement at first and, at the same time, his placement of hands in a second, tend to put him in difficulty when becoming a blocker additional.

On the running game, some will also criticize him for certain hesitations and the gift of doing too much on his cuts to put himself in a preferential position. With the attributes that are his, the Aggies player must be polished by his future coaching staff and think less to punish more.

Possible destinations

Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons

Complete, hardworking and a minimum of fresh, due to the alternation that took place in the position of running back at Texas A&M, in 2021, Isaiah Spiller has a profile that has something to please the pros, especially since he knows how to be useful at reception. Its main flaw may be being good everywhere without being great anywhere, and these days, the lack of glamor often costs runners a first-round draft pick. His future team will in any case recover a player with a solid floor, capable of being an interesting starter from his first season, but who will have to change his style somewhat to be able to perform well over time in the NFL.


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