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The Rangers pass the broom against the Orioles

Tonight, the Texas Rangers hosted their first playoff game since 2016. The fans present were hoping for a big outing for their favorites, against the Orioles.

And that’s what happened.

In less than two innings, the Rangers ran through starting pitcher Dean Kremer. The big attack of the Rangers, which is more and more unstoppable, scored no less than six points.

Power hitter Adolis Garcia’s three-run homer, which made it 6-0, really hurt the Orioles, whose inexperience showed.

Obviously, you will tell me that the Rangers are not regulars in the playoffs, but they have players who have already been there.

From the lot? Nathan Eovaldi, who had quite a match.

We should also not neglect what Corey Seager brought to his club. He got on base in a big way, whether via walks (nine during the series) or hits.

He also showed all his power, which is not unusual for him in the playoffs in the Rangers stadium. #BubbleOf2020

The Orioles, who were swept like the other East American teams in the playoffs, were not up to the task… but they gained important experience.

Their starting pitchers know what to work on this winter, anyway.

The Rangers will be able to face, in the championship series, the winner of the series between the Astros and the Twins. Texas begins on the road Sunday.

This is the first time the Rangers have made it this far since 2011.

The Astros lead 2-1 and can try to eliminate the Twins tomorrow (7 p.m.) in Minnesota. If there is game #5, it will take place in Houston on Friday.

The Orioles’ 7-1 loss hurts, sure, but let’s not forget that the window is just starting to open for the Orioles. Next year, they will be even more ready.

  • Jazz Chisholm Jr. operated on his toe.

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