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a logical but unrealistic need

Since the start of the offseason, the waltz of first basemen has been the talk of the town. Freddie Freeman, Matt Olson and Anthony Rizzo are at the heart of the rumors.

My prediction for today? Freeman in Los Angeles, Olson in New York and Rizzo in Atlanta.

But obviously there will be several clubs on the case of these guys. Could one of them be the Cleveland Guardians?

Paul Hoynes, who covers the club, was asked the question. According to him, even if the club needs reinforcements at first base, Matt Olson is not going to land in Ohio for all that.

Will the 2022 Cleveland Guardians have some 1995 magic in them? Hey, Hoynsie

The last season MLB lost regular season games to a work stoppage was 1995. The Indians went 100-44 that year and reached the World Series for the first time in 41 years.

It is clear that the club is more interested in selling veterans than welcoming them. We take the example of Francisco Lindor last year and possibly Jose Ramirez this season.

The club wants to find young talent that is not expensive. Matt Olson is approaching freelance and giving young people for him isn’t exactly what the Guardians seem to be about. Especially when you know that he should earn around $12 million in 2022…

That said, that doesn’t take away their need for first base. If the club wants to compete a bit in 2022, the A’s phone could still ring, just in case.

But don’t hold your breath: Olson shouldn’t have to pack for Cleveland. Other clubs will give Oakland a lot more for him than the Guardians…

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