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MLB in a nutshell: The series that can change everything | Frankie Lasagna in New York


The series that can change everything

The Mets (who just recalled Francisco Alvarez, baseball’s hottest DH prospect tonight) and the Braves are battling for the top of their division this weekend.

The crisis that changed everything

When Aaron Boone banged on a table at a press conference, Aaron Judge says it whipped the troops.

Speaking of the Yankees, DJ LeMahieu is back.

The beautiful season of JT Realmuto

He is one of the only receivers to have a season of 20 homers and 20 stolen bases.

Frankie Lasagna in New York

Whoever came close to catching circuit #61 from Aaron Judge will try to do the same for circuit #62 in New York.

The Rise of the Guardians

The club had a great second half of the season and the pitchers were dominant.

The opinion of the players

Who will win the World Series? Some players are ashamed to say the Astros.

Manager carousel

Who will keep their job this winter?

The Blue Jays in playoff mode

The surroundings of the Rogers Center go into playoff mode.

Speaking of Toronto, the Red Sox have fewer and fewer players who aren’t vaccinated.

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