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Marlins: Derek Jeter destroyed the stadium, claims Jeffrey Loria

Jeffrey Loria is not exactly Quebeckers’ best friend. The destruction work he did at the Expos with David Samson really does not pass.

Grand galop and Petit trot have caused a lot of trouble for ball fans here.

It’s therefore quite ironic to see that Loria has some criticism to address to another (former) MLB owner, given his own record.

But never mind, he still took the time to criticize Derek Jeter, who was part of the group that bought the Marlins after Loria left, precisely.

He did it an eternity later and he said the same things that Jeter has been accused of for years. Failing to be original, he is visibly embittered… but we can think that he is right on certain points.

All that to say that Loria thinks Jeter “destroyed the stadium” by taking the famous circuit structure out of center field.

It is true that Loria has a point: it takes a little life out of the stadium.

Having said that, I have the impression that the person who made his fortune as an art collector cries simply because the structure was made by a friend.

Loria also criticized his management style, saying in particular that he did not know how to fire an employee.

Loria claims that Jeter asked David Samson to fire people when he came to town…before telling Samson he was out of a job the next day.

He also recalled the story of when Jeter relieved veteran scout Marty Scott of his duties when he had cancer.

In short, Loria spoiled herself.

He was quite a player, but he should have asked for advice not to be in such a rush.

Playing shortstop doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful in business. You have to learn and ask questions.

–Jeffrey Loria

The problem is not, in the last part of his remarks, what he said as such. After all, in fact, he’s mostly right.

The problem is the petty tone from a guy who hasn’t done anything good in a long time and shows up years later at the party to spit on Jeter.

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