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Stephen A. Smith believes Yankees need to find place for Derek Jeter

Yesterday, the baseball world was taken by surprise when it learned that Derek Jeter had stepped down as president of the Miami Marlins. The former glory of the Yankees seemed to be there to stay, but obviously something happened there.

Is it related to his desire to spend more money (which he couldn’t do in Miami)? To recent negotiations between owners and players? Probably a bit of both, in my opinion.

But obviously, since we’re talking about Derek Jeter, it makes people react in the world of the ball. He is one of the best-known figures in the industry and it is obvious that his departure would provoke reactions.

Even ESPN, which hasn’t made much room for baseball since the end of last season, made room to discuss the subject, with none other than the extravagant Stephen A. Smith.

Still as intense as usual, there was a long emotional plea in which he affirmed that the Yankees had to find a place for him in their organization.

Jeff Passan, his colleague, was more nuanced, saying he would never tell someone where to work.

But going back to what the host said, it just makes no sense that the Yankees and Jeter aren’t related. The latter’s career, during which he brought glory to a team that was nosediving, must earn him a place in the baseball organization chart of the team, regardless of position.

The only reason the two parties might be separated is if Jeter were ever to get a very important position in the MLB offices.

Obviously, even if we can’t force Jeter’s hand, it is true that a potential return to the Yankees would be something very significant for the organization. He is one of the most iconic players in franchise history and the #2 there will always be associated with the former shortstop.

To say it could have been #13…

Can the Yankees find a way to bring Jeter home in the next few weeks or months? It would be a good time for the organization, at least.

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