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The turn of the MLB (including the Yankees) to authorize advertising on uniforms

In the last week, the Canadiens’ uniform has been talked about because of the presence, at home, of the RBC logo which has been added.

The CH has therefore, according to purists, tarnished his jersey. This is not my opinion… and this, even if I would obviously have preferred not to see an ad on the sweater.

An argument that is often used is to compare the situation with that of other great teams by saying that the Jersey must remain pure.

But now MLB has authorized the same as the NHL for 2023 and the New York Yankees, as reported by Jeremy Filosawill also follow suit in terms of advertising on a sleeve of the sweater.

MLB is very conservative, but a big step has been taken. At the moment, the Yankees are working on finding a model that will blend well with the jersey.

Note also that the amount obtained by the Red Sox (who also followed suit) would be 17 to 20 million dollars per year. It’s more than the CH, that.

Note that the Canadian will however have an advertisement for 41 games vs 162 in baseball. MLB is bigger than the NHL and the sport is more static, so advertising will be more visible.

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The CH therefore has, all things considered, a good deal in its hands, but the pure price in baseball is not to be neglected…

It should also be mentioned that, according to Jeremy Filosa, as of the 2022 playoffs (in less than three weeks), batting helmets will contain advertising.

What do you think of all this?

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