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Coopwerstown: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will have to wait three years before their next chance

Yesterday, the Veterans Committee saluted the career of Fred McGriff by inducting him into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The “Crime Dog” was voted unanimously after playing in Toronto, San Diego, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Chicago and Los Angeles.

What you need to know is that he was elected by a committee of 16 people since he hasn’t had a “regular” chance in the past. A player needs 12 votes to be elected and four votes to remain on the veteran ballot.

Blue Jays bench coach Don Mattingly got the most votes behind McGriff, but his eight votes weren’t enough.

Curt Schilling, insulted to have only 71% of votes last year at the heart of the regular process, had seven votes out of 16 from veterans. Still, he was looking forward to facing people “who would recognize his career,” but hey.

Dale Murphy (six) is the only other player to have at least four votes.

This means that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, because they received less than four votes, will be absent from the ballot for three years. The doping scandal hurt them here too.

Do you see the day when they will be inducted?

  • Andrew Benintendi in Houston?
  • Sean Murphy traded shortly?
  • Reminder: Aaron Judge is expected to sign this week.

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