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Baseball News

Canada: Russell Martin to coach at World Classic

Lately, Russell Martin got into golf. The one who also sells alcoholic products had a great career in baseball, but he takes the time to have other passions in life.

His love of baseball is therefore on hold for a bit.

But does that mean he’s going to give up baseball altogether? The answer is no. Given the right conditions, he is visibly open to reconnecting with his sport.

And we just learned that this spring, he will be a member of Canada’s coaching staff on the sidelines of the World Baseball Classic.

Martin says he is happy to be able to find the atmosphere of a ball club. He will therefore be in his place in this first real experience of coaching.

It’s his second, counting the game he managed in place of John Gibbons at the end of the 2018 campaign, his last in Toronto.

Everyone sees Martin as a future manager one day. Getting your feet wet in a short tournament like the World Classic is a great first step in the right conditions.

I can’t wait to see if he gets the hang of it.

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