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Yankees need to put Harrison Bader on long-term contract

The New York Yankees are sorely lacking in depth in the outfield.

When Isiah Kiner-Falefa starts in center field, you know you’re in trouble. And it’s not like he’s better on the left, a position where nobody takes pole with the New York formation at the moment.

It is for this reason that the Bronx Bombers absolutely must sign center fielder Harrison Bader. And quick.

Not only does the Bronxville native feel at home and give his all on the pitch, but it also allows club captain Aaron Judge to focus on his natural stance and slashing. The Judge does not have to play 78 games in center field as was the case last year.

It is true that Bader finds himself on the injured list more often than not, as evidenced by his two stays already this season.

However, his contribution when he is healthy, both offensively and defensively, is more than enough to justify a new pact. We saw it in the last playoffs and also in the 26 games he played in 2023.

Considering the track record, one would expect a five-year contract of around $100 million. At this price, the game is worth the candle. And the negotiations must be done now.

A long-term signing would also put an end to the deal that sent Jordan Montgomery to St. Louis and tipped the scales in favor of the Yankees.

The ball is in the court of general manager Brian Cashman.

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