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Alex Anthopoulos has offered a contract to Kevin Pillar | Raimel Tapia in Boston

Several years ago, Alex Anthopoulos made it to the playoffs at the helm of the Blue Jays. At that time, he relied on Superman in center field.

Kevin Pillar didn’t have a big stick, but his defensive prowess justified his place in a lineup where other guys were able to hit.

And obviously, it’s a bond that AA still remembers.

Why? Because the Atlanta Braves boss just offered Pillar a minor league contract in Atlanta for the 2023 season.

If he breaks through the Majors squad (which already has Michael Harris II in center field), he’ll make $3 million this season.

After the Blue Jays, he played for several teams: Giants, Red Sox, Rockies, Mets and Dodgers. Last year, he only played four games in Los Angeles before getting injured.

He had played in the minors before being recalled.

We wish him to be able to play again in the Majors. At this point, it will possibly be his last opportunity to do so.

Note also that another former Blue Jays, Raimel Tapia, has also landed a contract with the Boston Red Sox.

He said so himself on Instagram.

There is talk of a minor contract for the one who was in Toronto in 2022, but that the Jays did not want to pay $ 5.2 million.

And obviously, elsewhere in the league, we felt that he did not have that value either if he signed a minor contract.

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