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Justin Turner has what it takes to be a manager, believes Alex Cora

Alex Cora is the first to say it: he doesn’t like it when everyone says everyone has what it takes to be a manager in baseball.

In his eyes, it is sometimes too much.

That’s why, in light of the comments that were made over the weekend by the Red Sox manager regarding Justin Turner, we can think that he really holds him in high esteem.

Because yes, he believes that the one he knew at the Mets in time has what it takes to one day be successful at the helm of a club.

It is true that in addition to knowing the game, Turner seems to have a lot of the upper hand over his teammates. Even though he has just arrived in Boston, he is highly respected.

If he becomes manager one day, I have no trouble believing that his flock would follow him.

Obviously, we all know that it is not there yet. He is able to make a difference on the field (especially at bat) and I see him continuing to play.

Afterwards? A little break probably awaits him.

I’m curious to see if a former teammate/manager will sign him on to their coaching staff once he hangs up his cleats.

Logically, there will be offers.

In an ideal world, it is assumed that the main interested party would like to work for the Dodgers (if he wants to manage) since it is the club with which he is most identified. Plus he lives in LA

It’s still early to think about all that… but if he wants to manage, he will at least have a chance.

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