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Charles Leblanc signs with the Angels organization

Charles Leblanc signs with the Angels organization – Passion MLB

Published on November 26, 2023 by Charles-Alexis Brisebois

After Abraham Toro in Oakland, another Quebecer is heading to the West of the American League.

Charles Leblanc signed a minor contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

It is therefore a return to the division for the one who was drafted by the Rangers.

Remember that the Quebecer never played in Texas, but spent several years in the organization’s affiliate system.

It was in 2022, after being selected by the Marlins in the Class 5 draft (to distribute talent in the minors) that he made his debut in the Majors.

He did well in 2022, but he was still designated for assignment last winter. The son of our friend Paul Leblanc therefore spent the entire 2023 season in AAA.

The Marlins did not retain his services and that opened the door to his contract in Anaheim.

Hopefully he gets a real chance in training camp next spring. But otherwise, the injuries in LA will perhaps help him break through.

Because no, no one is going to make people believe that Anthony Rendon is going to play all year…

To be continued next spring, then.

Los Angeles Angels, Charles Leblanc

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