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The Braves reach the plateau of 100 victories

We are a week away from the playoffs. It’s good to follow everything that’s happening in MLB since the new six-team format opens doors.

In the American, for example, the Blue Jays and the big clubs in the West are working hard to make their place in the sun.

And in the National?

The Giants (and Padres) are now five games out of the playoffs. We can therefore, barring a miracle, remove them from the series. Their record of 2-8 in their last 10 games says it all.

The Reds, Marlins, Cubs and Diamondbacks are all fighting for the final playoff spots.

The Phillies, who are five games ahead of the Cubs, are in a good position. Their current good streak is helping them quite a bit.

It’s an interesting race because even though it won’t be easy for the Reds, the fact remains that Phoenix, Chicago and Miami are all within a game and a half of each other.

Yes, it’s tight.

Higher at the top of the pyramid, the Brewers are guaranteed to make the playoffs and everything indicates that they will win their division. Finishing third is their destiny.

The Braves and the Dodgers are still the best. The two clubs want nothing to do with slowing down and the Braves actually reached the 100-win mark yesterday, against Washington.

The Dodgers could also reach 100 wins this season with at least four wins this week, but that is not assured.

The Orioles (97 wins) could also have 100 wins and mathematically, the Rays (95-62) are a perfect week away from getting there, but it’s not likely.

The Braves are therefore in a position to have home field advantage for all the series. And since nothing better is being done, it’s very likely.

Happy last week of ball everyone.

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