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NHL: Chicago wants to terminate Corey Perry’s contract

It’s the end for Corey Perry in Chicago. The veteran’s name was placed on waivers by Blackhawks management on Tuesday in an attempt to end his contract.

In a press release, the Blackhawks stated that Perry had broken both the team’s and the NHL’s player code of conduct, “which promotes a professional and safe work environment,” as a result of an internal investigation. The Hawks have placed Perry’s name on waivers, and his deal will be terminated if he is not claimed.

The team did not specify what the charge is against Perry, who was returned home last week without any explanation. General manager Kyle Davidson said Saturday that Perry would be away from the team for a while, without being more specific.

“Last week, the staff became aware of inappropriate behavior coming from our player Corey Perry. He was removed from the match, and after an internal investigation, we decided to terminate his contract. (…) This is a situation that arose internally,” said general manager Kyle Davidson during a press briefing late Tuesday afternoon.

“I want to clarify one thing: the situation does not concern any teammate, any other member of the organization, and I find it inappropriate and disrespectful to allude to it, because this information has no basis,” he said. hammered.

Agent Pat Morris did not return a message seeking comment on the Hawks’ decision to terminate Perry’s contract. Over the weekend, he said in a statement that Perry was away from the team for personal reasons.

“It’s been a tough couple of days,” Davidson conceded. “It reinforces (my) belief that we must stick to our team culture, and do what is necessary for it to continue. ”

Our collaborator for The AthleticPierre LeBrun, questioned the deputy commissioner of the NHL, Bill Daly, and the latter responded that “the organization had been frank and transparent with the League regarding the relevant circumstances” concerning this file.

Perry, 38, signed a US$2 million contract with the Hawks for the current season, with bonuses of up to an additional $2 million. The veteran, who is known for his leadership, won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007 and became the first player in league history to appear in three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals without the take away – with the Dallas Stars, the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning, between 2020 and 2022.

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