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Trevor Lawrence avoids the worst, Christian Kirk towards surgery

Nothing broken for Trevor Lawrence. As mentioned at the end of Monday night's game by Tom Pelissero of NFL Media, and confirmed this Tuesday by Jacksonville coach Doug Pederson to several journalists from ESPN and NFL Network, the exams taken by the player after his injury suffered against the Bengals showed no ankle fractures.

Despite concerns raised by the images, the player's season is therefore not over. But everything is not rosy either. According to Pederson, the number 1 pick in the 2021 draft is still suffering from a high ankle sprain. This injury is harder to assess and its severity varies depending on the case.

Trevor Lawrence, some good news in parentheses

For now, the coach has mentioned an evaluation “ week after week » of the state of his player. One way of saying that Lawrence's presence against the Browns on Sunday obviously appears compromised. With just one game ahead of the Colts and the Texans, the Jaguars would have done without this setback in the money time of the race for the playoffs.

In the absence of Lawrence (3,000 yards, 14 TDs, 7 passing interceptions, 248 yards and 4 rushing TDs), the Floridians have not yet announced their plans. Currently, their starter is CJ Beathard and his replacement is Nathan Rourke.

No Christian Kirk before the Super Bowl?

For Christian Kirk, the news is much less encouraging. According to John Shipley of Jaguars Report, Doug Pederson said Kirk will likely need surgery for the abdominal injury suffered Monday night.

Such an operation could cost him at least 8 weeks of absence. He would only be back for the Super Bowl, or even with a good recovery for a possible AFC final. The Jaguars definitely lost a lot in this game against the Bengals.

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