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Super Bowl LVII: more than 56 million viewers outside the USA

The Super Bowl is first and foremost an American event. But its audience is growing elsewhere in the world.

While an average of 113 million people watched the game in the United States alone, the league announced that the audience for the rest of the world reached just over 56 million viewers. But beware, this figure for the rest of the world is an overall aggregate of those who watched the match at one time or another, not the average of those who watched the whole match.

Mexico (20.7M) and Canada (17.3M) are those which contribute the most to the international counter. On the averages, it is lower, with 8.3 million for Mexico and 8.7 in Canada.

In terms of cumulative audiences, we then find China (6.2M) and Brazil (2.5M).

For NFL Game Pass International, the league does not provide numbers for either subscribers or Super Bowl viewership. As the tool is primarily used by the most knowledgeable supporters, these figures are surely too low to be highlighted. The NFL is content to announce a 10% increase over the year. But without knowing the basis of calculation, difficult to interpret this increase.

The Super Bowl is broadcast in more than 190 countries, in more than 25 languages. As a reminder, in France, 270,000 people followed the match on average on the L’Équipe channel, a figure down from the previous season.

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