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Russell Wilson reportedly refused to join the Eagles in 2022

With hindsight, it is obviously much easier. But inevitably, the choice now seems damn ill-advised. Russell Wilson would have preferred the Broncos to the Eagles. Specifically, he reportedly wanted to stay in Seattle at first.

This was explained by Greg Bishop, journalist for Sports Illustrated, in an ESPN Radio show.

According to our colleague, Philadelphia was very interested in an exchange for the then Seahawks quarterback.

“I would say the Eagles really wanted him. I think they liked his style of play. And that makes sense, because he looks like Jalen Hurts, especially when he was in his prime years and a bit faster than now,” Bishop explained. “What I understand is that at that time Russ wanted to stay in Seattle. »

Bishop confirms what Jake Heaps said a year ago. This quarterbacks coach, who worked with Wilson, already explained that Wilson had refused two teams.

“He refused Washington’s offer. He turned down an offer from Philadelphia during the Combine,” Heaps told KOA. “And the situation in Denver was clearly the first choice for him. »

Jalen Hurts, the big winner

The Eagles executives’ interest in Wilson therefore meant that confidence in Jalen Hurts was not particularly strong in Philadelphia. It must be said that at that time, the young pitcher came out of the first two seasons, which were not necessarily impressive. In 2021, he threw 16 touchdowns for 9 interceptions in 15 games.

Wilson’s refusal to come to the City of Brotherly Love is ultimately a godsend. In an attack carved around his qualities, he throws 22 touchdowns for only 6 interceptions and leads his team to the Super Bowl. A campaign rewarded with a 5-year contract extension and $225 million, including $110 million guaranteed.

Could Russell Wilson have done better with the Eagles? Impossible to know. After the worst season of his career (16 TDs, 11 int), the goal is now to revive with the arrival of Sean Payton on the sidelines of Denver.

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