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[Draft Sheets] Edgerrin Cooper (LB): the boss

Edgerrin Cooper – Linebacker – 22 years old – Senior – Texas A&M

Height: 1m89
Weight: 104 kilos
Estimated draft position: 1st half of 2nd round
NFL Comparison: Ernest Jones IV (Rams)

In just three NFL seasons, Ernest Jones IV has established himself as a top 10 at his position, even a top 5. Edgerrin Cooper shares a lot of similarities with him, both from a physical point of view and in terms of their games respective.

Edgerrin Cooper Highlights

– Effective
– Constantly progressing
– Made for the modern NFL

Edgerrin Cooper has the speed to catch a runner. He then uses his very long arms, with good tackling technique, to put them on the ground. Every NFL defense needs at least one impact linebacker: Edgerrin Cooper is that player.

His profile, combining superior athletic and technical qualities, allows him to be aggressive in getting rid of a blocker and piercing the pocket. Result: 17 tackles for losses in 12 2023 games (9 run stops and 8 sacks).

In four seasons at Texas A&M, he was able to develop his understanding of the game, as his coach Jimbo Fisher explains to Saturday Down South.

“He uses his eyes better!” He looks where he needs to and very quickly triggers his intervention. He trusts himself more and that is essential. Then he sprints and hits! »

In an NFL where more and more quarterbacks offer a lot of mobility, having a linebacker like Edgerrin Cooper is valuable. He knows how to play the role of “spy” and knows how to quickly react to a quarterback trying to wear the leather.

Weaknesses of Edgerrin Cooper

– Coverage to improve
– Needs to be more patient

He has the qualities to move back into coverage when engaging the ball. But at this stage of his development, Edgerrin Cooper offers more to fill an area than to really be decisive against the aerial game. However, the modern NFL requires players in this position to be able to influence coverage such as Fred Warner (49ers) or Bobby Okereke (Giants).

When a player is capable of making brilliant plays like a tackle for loss, he tends to want to make a decisive play in every engagement. In the NFL, with quarterbacks experienced in feints of all kinds, Edgerrin Cooper will have to be more patient or risk sometimes finding himself out of position.

In summary

Of this 2024 vintage, he seems to be the best “off ball linebacker”. He is the prototype of the Will linebacker with supersonic intervention speed.

Position is less important than it was a few years ago with the emergence of the use of more and more defensive backs. However, Edgerrin Cooper offers a profile worthy of a solid starter for the next ten years in the NFL.

Possible destinations

Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Dallas Cowboys.

The Panthers must continue to surround quarterback Bryce Young on offense. But helping a young quarterback also means improving the defense. Carolina has conceded 25 touchdowns on the ground in 2023 (worst NFL total)! How can we hope to progress with Frankie Luvu (125 tackles and 94% of defensive snaps played) gone to Washington? Edgerrin Cooper therefore seems a good option with pick 33 or pick 39 in the next NFL draft (acquired from the Giants in the trade for Brian Burns).

A new air is blowing in Los Angeles with the arrival of a new coach. Eric Kendricks and Kenneth Murray are gone with their combined 224 tackles in 2023. Jim Harbaugh can't settle for Nick Niemann, Daiyan Henley and Denzel Perryman at this position. We remember that Jim Harbaugh had Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman on his team during his last stint in the NFL!

Confirmed in his functions after his interim with the Raiders, Antonio Pierce is a former NFL linebacker with five seasons with more than 100 tackles (playoffs included). Currently, the unit consists of Divine Deablo, Robert Spillane and Luke Masterson. Who is that ? After signing Christian Wilkins to accompany Maxx Crosby on the first curtain, Las Vegas must now recruit a linebacker.

If Edgerrin Cooper is still available at pick 56, he could interest the Cowboys. Leighton Vander Esch has retired and Eric Kendricks is 32! While Damone Clark and Marquese Bell offer behind-the-scenes prospects, none are of the caliber of this star from a university from the football-mad state!

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