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Falcons: Taylor Heinicke takes Desmond Ridder’s place

Arthur Smith may have helped Desmond Ridder’s morale, but it is Taylor Heinicke who will start the Falcons on Sunday against the Vikings.

The coach announced it to the press this Wednesday. But I promise, Ridder is not buried.

“Just for this year, with all the parameters, really considering everything that’s happened in the last 72 hours and what we think is best for this week’s game against Minnesota, Taylor will play this week,” explained the coach.

An Olympic pirouette but a factual result: Taylor Heinicke will have his chance.

Since the start of the season, Ridder has thrown 6 touchdowns for 6 interceptions. Problem: he also committed 7 fumbles.

Nine touchdowns in total if we count those scored on the ground, for 13 lost balls.

Taylor Heinicke more effective against the Titans

Last Sunday, Desmond Ridder left during the match against Tennessee with a suspected concussion. He quickly received the green light from doctors to return to the game, but Arthur Smith let Heinicke finish the match.

And for good reason. Ridder went 8/12 for 71 yards, with one lost fumble. Heinicke threw 21 passes, for 12 completions, 175 yards and 1 touchdown. Above all, the offense scored 20 points when Heinicke was in charge, compared to only 3 with Ridder.

Despite this, Smith assured after the match that it was for Ridder’s safety that he did not return to the game.

“We have confidence in him as a starter,” the coach even assured about Ridder after the meeting.

Ultimately, not so much.

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