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Packers – Cowboys (31-28 ap): Rodgers smiles and Green Bay is doing

Green Bay Packers (4-6) – Dallas Cowboys (6-3): 31-28 aet

Led by 14 points at the start of the 4th quarter, the Packers managed to turn the tide and clinch a victory in overtime. Buoyed by the emergence of rookie Christian Watson (4 receptions, 107 yards, 3 TDs) and a dominant ground game, the franchise ended a streak of 5 straight losses and remained alive in the race for the NFC playoffs.

After saying his team wouldn’t run enough, Matt LaFleur didn’t do things by halves. Only 19 passes thrown by Aaron Rodgers in regulation time (14/20, 224 yards, 3 TD) and an insistence on the ground that eventually Dallas wear. Only 66 passing yards in the 1st half including 58 on the only pass for Watson’s touchdown, the coach’s tactical choices still raise questions. If Rodgers found his arm and his precision, as well as a new target, the Packers’ attack was only really freed once led by two possessions. However, Green Bay emerges victorious in a match that has everything to become a turning point in the green and gold season.

For his return to Lambeau Field, Mike McCarthy almost played a bad trick on his former team, but it was still on a field goal that Dallas lost to the Packers and this time the coach was on the wrong side.

The Packers blow hot and cold

After a start to the game marked by the advantage to the defenses and two punts on each side, the Cowboys put the march ahead of the first. A long drive of 17 games, very well done, allows Prescott to lead his team on the 3 opposing yards. The talent of Ceedee Lamb (11 receptions, 150 yards, 2 TD) does the rest. The receiver plays with three defenders to score the first touchdown of the game.

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After quickly recovering possession following a stolen ball in the hands of Rodgers about ten yards from the in-goal of the Packers, the Cowboys do not capitalize and immediately return the courtesy. Prescott is intercepted by Rudy Ford. And this time Rodgers is (finally) doing Rodgers. A magnificent warhead in depth which puts the rookie Christian Watson in orbit for a touchdown from 58 yards.

In the process, we take the same and start again. Rudy Ford intercepts the Texan quarterback for the second time and goes back to the gates of the Cowboys red zone. Would offensive realism be back in Green Bay? Four games later, Aaron Jones slipped into the in-goal. Two bonus turnovers in two touchdowns, total efficiency. 14-7

But in good dunce of the last two minutes before the break (differential of -30), the Packers do not keep this advantage for long. After moving up the pitch, Prescott finds Dalton Schultz to pick up. A dynamic that is confirmed in two stages after returning from the locker room. First forced to punt, the 4th fumble lost on Amari Rodgers’ punt return allows the Cowboys to revive their possession. An opportunity transformed into 7 points thanks to Tony Pollard on the ground. Then quickly Lamb made the break after a touchdown from 35 yards. 14-28

Rodgers has a new best friend

Once again with his back to the wall at the start of the 4th quarter, Rodgers, who had only launched 10 times so far, tried everything for everything. On a 4 & 7, he again finds Watson deep for a touchdown from 39 yards. While he was full of doubts since the start of the season, the young receiver hits twice. And soon three. After a perfect drive, alternating runs and passes, the quadruple MVP once again finds the rookie for a magnificent hat-trick. 28-28

While we imagined them lost, the Packers came back into the game and even offered themselves the drive to win after a new defensive stop. 67 yards up and 1 minute 38. But between catastrophic time management and dubious game choices, Green Bay misses a first chance. The decision must be made in overtime. Dallas inherits possession but fails. Match point for Green Bay. Put in an ideal position, Mason Crosby transforms the field goal and offers the victory of hope to the Packers.

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