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Jim Irsay (Colts) on the departure of Carson Wentz: “We fixed what was wrong”

After last season’s humiliation, the Colts boss is struggling to move on.

Indianapolis franchise owner Jim Irsay didn’t mince words to the Indianapolis Star about his former quarterback.

“For us, the combination just wasn’t right.” ” I do not know why. A lot of times you don’t know why, but you know it doesn’t fit, and it was important for us to go in another direction. “

The Colts’ rout of the league’s worst team Jacksonville, which caused the Colts to miss the playoffs, is the thing that sticks in the throat of former boss Carson Wentz.

“With no disrespect to Jacksonville, they’re the worst team in the league. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life.” You say to yourself, “My God, there’s something wrong here”. It needs to be corrected. I think we feel like we did. “

For him, the responsibility for this defeat is only on Carson Wentz.

“Your leader has to get you out of this mess and get you over Jacksonville. He has to. It’s not an option. He has to. No excuses, no explanations! “

Problem, according to Jim Irsay, Carson Wentz is anything but a leader.

“Having conversations with trusted veterans of the team, I discovered something that was very concerning. ”

The marriage having stopped abruptly, the two parties have the chance to fall back on their feet since Carson Wentz left for the Commanders against a big package.

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