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Calais Campbell joins the Falcons

Among the few franchises active during this offseason, the Falcons continue to strengthen. According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Calais Campbell has signed up for one season with the Georgia franchise. In a team in reconstruction but ambitious in 2023, the player comes to bring his experience and his leadership on and off the field.

After the arrival of David Onyemata and extra time from Chris Lindstrom and Kaleb McGary on the other side of the ball, general manager Terry Fontenot clearly bet on the trenches.

Rich in a long career where he passed through Arizona, Jacksonville and Baltimore, the multiple player Pro Bowler therefore joins his 4th franchise for a 16th season in the league. If these best years are surely behind him, Campbell has shown, despite his 36 years, that he could still be as impactful on the first curtain. In 2022, he made 36 tackles including 5.5 sacks. He

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