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[Draft Sheets] Drake London (WR), a risk worth taking

Drake London – Receiver – 20 years – JuniorUSC

Cut : 1m96

Weight : 100 pounds

Estimated draft position: 1st round

Stats 2021 : 8 games, 88 receptions, 1084 yards, 7 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: mike evans

Strong points

– Wingspan
– Disputed receipts
– Use of the body
– Ball tracking
– Versatility

Also a basketball player at his university of USC, Drake London has the dimensions. From the top of his 1m96, the young receiver is a real control tower capable of having the physical ascendancy on any cornerbacks. With his long arms, his gigantic wingspan is accentuated by a jumping quality that comes from his history on parquetas. He derives a major advantage in his ability to catch balls above his vis-à-vis. A very good use of his body allows him to secure the leather, including in the event of contact in traffic and to retain possession of it. Attributes that make him a power receiver of possession, which can be a solution in the 3rd attempt and capable of getting rid of a double marking. Add to that a formidable ability to follow the ball even in depth, and you have an ideal prototype.

This season, London has proven that he can be a driving force and a leader. With the successive departures of Michael Pittman in 2020 and Amon Ra St Brown in 2021, he has seen his workload gradually increase and has fully met expectations. Very often aligned in the slot during his first seasons, he was successfully positioned on the outside this year. An alluring experience and versatility that make it compatible and integrable with all attacks.

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Weak points

– Separation Capacity/Speed
– Hands
– Physical state

If he is one of the tallest in his class, London is far from being the fastest. He can’t count on his legs to take advantage of corners that would mark him individually. A lack of vertical speed but also in the execution of his lines and his feints, which limits his ability to separate. His future staff will have to make him work to progress in the field. But at only 20 years old, his apprenticeship is not over and nothing is prohibitive. Supersonic speed is not an essential guarantee of success like Davante Adams or Cooper Kupp. The two best NFL receivers did not shine particularly in the field leaving the university. We know the rest.

But there is another parameter that can greatly affect a receiver’s production. With 8 balls released, the USC receiver did not shine with the reliability of his hands. A drop ratio approaching 8.3% which has reason to worry franchises when selecting him with a view to becoming a future number 1.

The vagueness reigns around the receiver. Injured in the ankle during the season, London did not have the opportunity to reassure him about his recovery and show that he had regained all of his physical abilities. Absent from the combine, he did not run during his Pro Day either, yet he postponed for ten days at the request of his agent to allow him to compete. A little reassuring unknown from the perspective of an investment in the first round.

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135.5 yards per game

London broke the 1,000 yard mark in 2021 in just 8 games. By becoming number 1 receiver for the Trojans after the draft of Amon Ra St Brown, he perfectly met expectations by becoming the engine of an attack, however sluggish. This ability to garner yards and offer a real solution to his quarterback will be particularly appreciated in the NFL.

Possible destinations

Washington Commanders, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans

If his injury prevented him from putting himself forward during the draft process, Drake London should not be forgotten during the first night of the draft. His size and his ability to catch the ball above his opponent will necessarily be appreciated by the staff. His possession receiver profile, potentially lethal in the red zone, could interest teams in need of solutions, or looking for additional solutions to simplify the life of their quarterback. With the arrival of Carson Wentz in the federal capital, a target of his size could remind him of his old connection with Alshon Jeffery. In Green Bay, the quest for Adams’ successor is launched. If London does not have the same profile, he has the qualities to become the new possession receiver, Aaron Rodgers’ safety valve.

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