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Support DNA of Sports on Tipeee: 70’s atmosphere for stickers and coasters

New version, and new time travel for our stickers and coasters. This time, our graphic designer Ben sends you back to the 70s.

It’s colorful. It’s full of shadows. It is fun.

The most advantageous pack includes 2 coasters and two stickers for 20 euros. You can also buy the coasters (15€) or the stickers (10€) alone. The coasters are also available with a bottle opener (30€). To discover all this, head to our Tipeee kitty.

Where is the kitty going?

This year again, the Tipeee kitty is donated in various forms to the volunteers who contribute to the site: bonuses for podcast participants and graphic designers, travel assistance to London and the Super Bowl, financing of the team’s annual meal.

It also contributes to the purchase of equipment necessary for the operation of the site, whether it is computers, sound or the goodies that feed the Tipeee page.

How to help?

The principle is simple, just register and choose how much you want to donate each month. It may very well be just a single euro. Small torrents make big rivers! If you no longer want to pay, you can stop or change the amount at any time. In particular, it is possible to use Paypal.

Everyone has their own vision of the press, and we know that some of our readers prefer to give a few euros and block advertising. We understand that very well.

Everything is free on the site. Everyone will have access to the same content. It is simply for those who can and those who want to support the life of the site. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to do anything.


Support DNA of Sports on Tipeee

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