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Bengals: Ja’Marr Chase aggravates his injury, 4 to 6 weeks out!

The Bengals star receiver is about to miss a little time…

Bad news for the Bengals!

According to Adam Schefter, Ja’Marr Chase worsened his hip pain last Sunday against the Saints. As a result, the star receiver should miss several games in the coming weeks.

We learn that the absence of the player could be 4 to 6 games. Note that Chase saw a specialist on Wednesday and is seeking a second opinion on his condition.

It is necessarily a blow for Cincinnati who had just two weeks to find the offensive explosiveness characteristic of his team.

With his 605 yards and 6 touchdowns, Chase was of course the first threat of this team. It’s up to Joe Burrow to show that he can continue to “fuel” without his faithful sidekick.

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