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Falcons sign Marcus Mariota for two years

Atlanta did not drag to recruit its new quarterback.

Marcus Mariota will join Atlanta to succeed Matt Ryan.

The franchise announced on Monday that it has signed the quarterback for two seasons.

Second choice of the 2015 draft, Mariota had a mixed start to his career with Tennesse, before giving way to Ryan Tannehill at the head of the Titans. He was able to bounce back by signing a two-year contract with the Raiders to be Derek Carr’s understudy, but he hasn’t started a single game in the last two campaigns.

He now has another chance to lead an NFL squad. He will thus find Arthur Smith, who was an offensive assistant during his years with the Titans. The two men will therefore leave with the advantage of knowing each other, and this is probably, at least in part, what explains this signing.

During his league career, Mariota threw for 13,437 yards, 77 touchdowns and 45 interceptions. He appeared in five playoff games.

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