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Sean Payton: “I want to avoid teams where talent comes to die”

Back to coaching? Yes, but not anywhere.

For the first time since 2006, Sean Payton is not on the edge of the NFL grounds. He takes care of the TV studio, which is quieter.

A break that was obviously necessary. The coach did not hide it from The Athletic, he was in bad shape when he left New Orleans.

“I think I was a bit burnt out,” Payton explained. “I was focused on eating better and sleeping better, that sort of thing, and there was a certain routine that helped me prepare for games and organize everything as a coach. […] I got to a point where I was like, “Man, I want to take a break.” I want to pay more attention to my health. I want to play golf. I want to do all these other things. I said it when I left the Saints that week. I don’t think I gave up training. But I was ready not to be a coach this year. »

A time considered to take control of the Dolphins, a return to football is therefore possible?

“I think at some point I will come back to coaching. […] I don’t have a deadline or anything like that. I think at some point it will happen. »

“A lot of dysfunctional teams”

For Payton, everything will obviously be a question of opportunity.

“It will be a question of being comfortable with the owners and the management, that we think the same way. Are there many such opportunities? I do not think so. I think there are a lot of dysfunctional teams in our league. Places where talent comes to die. I just want to avoid those places. »

Sorry Commanders, sorry Browns, sorry Texans, etc, etc.

But beware, Payton is not necessarily looking for an immediate contender team. He just wants the right spirit.

“It’s more a question of finding the right people. I arrived in New Orleans in 2006 right after Katrina. There was nothing. They were at 3-13. The facilities, the balance sheet, the workforce, nothing was attractive. But Mickey Loomis (the manager) was there. »

Payton, 58, is still under contract with the Saints until the end of the 2024 season. If he wants to return before then, the interested team will have to set up a trade with New Orleans.

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