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Antonio Brown: “There is no problem with my mental health”

Antonio Brown’s exit from the field against the Jets was accompanied by the on-the-fly diagnosis of thousands of apprentice psychologists on social networks, with a verdict often without appeal.

However, it was enough to ask the principal concerned. Brown is fine, thanks for him. This is in any case what he explains in the program “I am athlete” of the former receiver Brandon Marshall.

“The coach of a team that won the Super Bowl told a guy on his team who was playing injured to back off. And you, are you going to tell me that you approached him to talk to him nicely? “

“Why every time something bad happens people say, ‘Oh, he’s crazy, there’s something wrong with his sanity. “There is no problem with my sanity. Someone told me to get out. I’m not passive-aggressive. “

Brown therefore sticks to his version: it was Arians who told him to leave because he did not want to play injured.

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