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Colts – Titans (23-16): Minshew-win!

Indianapolis Colts (3-2) – Tennessee Titans (2-3): 23-16

The most decisive is Gardner Minshew (11/14, 155 yards)! Coming into play after a shoulder injury to Anthony Richardson (9/12, 98 yards), the Colts’ replacement quarterback went for points on his team’s three possessions in the second half. Enough to snatch victory.

In the final quarter, the Titans had one ball to go ahead and another to tie in the final minute. Result: a failure on fourth attempt and an interception by Ryan Tannehill (23/34, 264 yards, 1 int).

Zack Moss, the Colts’ detonator

Indianapolis is a fun team this season. A physical group that takes this game by the ground. While Jonathan Taylor (6 races, 18 yards) is well aligned, it is Zack Moss (23 races, 165 yards, 2 TDs) who is the detonator this Sunday. On a 57-yard run, he scored the first touchdown of the match (7-3). The Colts then lead 10-3 thanks to a kick. The Titans respond (10-6).

While the Colts regained the ball and tried to score before the break, it was a tile. Anthony Richardson injured his shoulder during a race. For the second time this season, Gardner Minshew is called to the rescue. He quickly gets hot, with a 25-yard pass. But the series gives nothing. 10-6 at the break.

The Titans hope for a few minutes

Worse, Tyjae Spears scores at the start of the third quarter and puts the Titans back in front (10-13). Ryan Tannehill and DeAndre Hopkins (8 recs, 140 yards) are starting to show up, even if Derrick Henry (13 carries, 43 yards) is suffering. The trend seems to be going in their direction.

But no. Zack Moss responds immediately (17-13). And Tennesse does no better than a field goal on the following offensive (17-16). Indianapolis continues to add points on foot. Once (20-16), twice (23-16). This is where the Titans stall. Derrick Henry takes a wall on a 4th & 1 just 5 yards from the end zone. And Tannehill is intercepted by Julian Blackmon.

Minshew and the Colts therefore come away with a victory, and the lead in the AFC South shared with the Jaguars.

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