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Cordarrelle Patterson back with the Falcons

After having his best season in Atlanta last year, Cordarelle Patterson (WR/RB) will be sticking around for a while longer. Both sides have agreed to a new 2-year contract worth $10.5 million, ESPN reported.

It’s not a big surprise. The 31-year-old indicated in February that he hoped to stay in Atlanta, even going so far as to say he could end his career with the Falcons. On the franchise side, retaining one of its best offensive assets had become a priority after the departure of Russell Gage (WR) to the Buccaneers and the minimum one-year suspension of Calvin Ridley (WR).

Patterson was a unique all-around weapon last season, carrying the leather 153 times for 618 yards and 6 touchdowns, while catching 52 passes for 548 yards and 5 touchdowns. Highest stats of his career. He also made 18 engagement returns for 434 yards, and even played two snaps in defense. He could have greater prominence in the aerial game in 2022 since the arrival of Damien Williams in the running group which also includes Mike Davis.

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