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Colts – Jaguars (34-27): Matt Ryan dissects the Jacksonville defense

Indianapolis Colts (3-2-1) – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4): 34-27

Everything moves very quickly in the NFL, too? While there are barely three weeks, the Jaguars humiliated the Colts, this time Jacksonville could not do anything against veteran Matt Ryan (42/58, 389 yards, 3TD). Despite a few mistakes, the quarterback released a record game with 42 completions and 3 passing touchdowns.

Jacksonville can still blame themselves, especially in defense. While the two Colts runners were absent, Jacksonville was unable to stop the opponent’s passing game (10/15 authorized in 3rd) and above all multiplied the defensive faults giving the Colts several cartridges to shoot them down.

Jacksonville in control

After several punts, it is the Jaguars who score the first points of the day. By leaving almost midfield after a punt from the Colts, Jacksonville advances enough to see Trevor Lawrence (20/22, 163 yards, 1TD in the pass, 2TD in the race) conclude the series on a small race (0-7).

Indianapolis side we respond from the next series with a field goal (3-7). Once again the Colts are struggling in the Red Zone (28th in the league in this area) and are content with a kick…

In this game, the Jags are more successful and manage to fool the opposing defense too easily. Indeed, on a 3&1 that “felt” the race at 10km, the Colts defense still manages to be fooled by the line movement and the cut of the Jaguars runner. Results ? A gain of 61 yards and the touchdown (3-14) for Hasty.

Indianapolis is revived in the game thanks to a few defensive faults from the Jaguars which allow the locals to see their series continue. At the end, Indy finally finds the fault in the red zone and Matt Ryan connects with Paris Campbell for the touchdown (10-14).

Thanks to an attack by the Jags which is no longer advancing, Indy multiplies the opportunities in attack and even adds a field goal before halftime (13-14).

The Jaguars scuttle each other

Jacksonville resumed the match perfectly with a series quickly led by its quarterback which once again concluded with a touchdown on a short run (13-21).

If the attack is in the game, the defense will multiply errors and fouls to scuttle the team’s efforts… One after the other the Jaguars are penalized on the two offensive series of the Colts then in the 3rd attempt. And each time the punishment is the same: touchdown for Indianapolis. First by D Jackson, then by Jelani Woods entering the final quarter.

At that time, the Colts lead 26 to 21. This is the first time in the game that they are in front of the score.

Once again the visitors’ attack gives the advantage to his team. An XXL series allows them to confiscate the leather for nearly 10 minutes with strokes and small passes. After 18 actions, Lawrence ends up finding Christian Kirk in the endzone (26-27, failed two-point conversion).

Except that again the Colts manage to deceive the opposing defense including three times on third attempts, the last of which sees Ryan find Pierce for the touchdown of the victory (34-27).

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