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JK Dobbins (Ravens): “With Lamar Jackson, we would have won”

Tyler Huntley lost a game-winning ball on Sunday night as he tried to score a touchdown. Once the ball was on the ground, Sam Hubbard popped up to score the Bengals’ winning touchdown.

A situation that was not really to the taste of JK Dobbins.

“He should never have been in this situation,” the runner told ESPN after the game about Huntley. “I didn’t have a single ball. I didn’t have a single ball. He should never have been in this situation. I think I would have put the ball in the end zone again. »

Because if Dobbins scored for the first time in the second quarter, he then had no ball in the 20 opposing yards. On the fatal series, the runner does not touch the ball on the three actions played in the last 3 opposing yards.

“I’m a guy who thinks he should be on the pitch all the time. It’s the playoffs. Why am I not in the field? »

The opportunity, too, to regret the absence of Lamar Jackson, who would have been another possibility in the red zone.

“If Lamar had been with us, we would have won. »

Huntley, he can only accuse the blow.

“I just tried to pull off an important action,” he told his team’s official website. “I’m going to think about it all offseason, like one action won them the game. It will be tough, but it will motivate me to work hard and be ready for next season. »

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